Below are the companies and institutions which support us, the Triton Solar Car Project. Year after year we are able to work on our project with the sponsorship of these great industries and institutions, and for that we thank them.  


The Green Initiative Fund by the Sustainability Fund is our biggest sponsor. They provide grants for projects that aim to reduce UCSD's negative impact on the environment and lead UCSD to a more sustainability community. 


A premier research school set to focus on deep engineering fundamentals.  

A community of UCSD engineers with a vision of a worldwide era of sustainability, in which all communities cooperate to achieve lasting environmental, social, and economic prosperity. 


A worldwide leader in the  design and manufacturing of micro controllers capacitive touch solutions, advanced logic, mixed logic, nonvolatile memory, radio frequency. 


Bringing to the market a safer, more efficient, 3 wheel 150cc vehicle, Spira has set to produce a product that secures both pedestrian and passenger protection. 


Since 1997, Arch Doors & Molding have been providing the building industry with custom arch interior doors at an affordable price.