Team Leads


Project Lead: 


Shane Keegan

Class of 2018 | Electrical Engineering

Shane is a 4th year electrical engineering student planning on focusing on power engineering. As Project Lead, Shane must ensure that all benchmarks must be reached before their deadlines, as well as ensure that each team is organized and on schedule. His responsibilities to the team include managing team outreach and communications, and contributing to electrical design. His two favorite things are good coffee and good music


Electrical Lead:


Noah Chung

Class of 2018 | Electrical Engineering

Noah Chung is a 4th year Electrical engineering student at UCSD. As electrical lead, Noah ensures that the electrical system for the vehicle is thoroughly completed with the work of each electrical team member. Noah sought out the Solar Car Project to grasp a deeper understanding of the solar vehicle building process but more importantly to learn about implementing renewable energy sources like solar energy.


Mechanical Lead:


Casey Fitzpatrick

Class of 2018 | Aerospace Engineering

Casey leads the mechanical team to work on the aerodynamic design of the body and Finite Element Analysis of the vehicle. Additionally, his background in carpentry has helped coordinate the production of the body of the car. In the time spent outside of his studies you can find Casey on the trails backpacking or cruising around on his skateboard.